Sound Production & Storytelling

Course Code
MUSI 2559
Nathan Moore

This hands-on workshop course explores podcasting and creative audio storytelling from a maker’s perspective. By the end of our ten days together, you will have planned, produced, and published a new podcast.

This course focuses on the craft of audio storytelling: story and structure; interviewing techniques; writing for the ear; field recording; sound editing & mixing; using music; audio teamwork; voice; and ethics.

The assignment: make a compelling podcast about music and use music to help tell the story.

Each student will develop their own individual podcast ideas around this broad theme and produce three deliverables: one project blueprint, one podcast trailer, and one finished podcast episode to be published through WTJU’s podcast collective.

While each student will produce and turn in their own projects, the work will include daily collaborative workshop sessions with peers and instructor-editors as the class progresses.

Success in this class requires genuine curiosity, an interest in sound, a degree of DIY resourcefulness, a spirit of creative collaboration, and an openness to the unexpected.