College of Arts and Sciences

AAS 2559
Anne Rotich, Assistant Professor
ANTH 2800
Susan Palazzo, Instructor
ARTS 2580
William Bennett, Associate Professor
ARTS 2610
Akemi Rollando, Associate Professor
ELA 2910
Karlin Luedtke, Assistant Dean/Associate Professor
ENGL 1910
Margaret Gardiner, Instructor
EVSC 2070/ STS 2740
Michael Gorman, Professor
HIEA 3141
Bradly Reed, Associate Professor
HIST 2259
Jeffery Rossman, Associate Professor
MATH 1100
Diana Morris, Assistant Professor
MATH 2700
David Sherman, Associate Professor
MDST 3320
Bruce Williams, Professor
MDST 3559
Siva Vaidhyanathan, Professor
MDST 3665
Elizabeth Ellcessor, Assistant Professor
MDST 3809
Andrea Press, Professor
MUSI 2559
Nathan Moore, Co-Instructor
Associate Professor
PHS/GDS 2559
Christopher Colvin, Associate Professor
PLAP 3160
Paul Freeman, Associate Professor
PLAP 3420
Kenneth Stroupe, Associate Director
Lecturer, Chief Financial Officer
PPOL5225/GSGS 3365
Gretchen Steidle, Instructor
PSYC 4260
Jessica Connelly, Associate Professor
PSYC 4559
James Morris, Associate Professor
RELA 3559
Oludamini Ogunnaike, Assistant Professor
SLAV 2360
Stan Stepanic, Assistant Professor
SOC 2498
Joseph Davis, Associate Professor
SPAN 2010
Evan Bagley, Professor
SPAN 2010
Emily Scida, Professor
Evan Bagley, Lecturer
WGS 3210
Bonnie Hagerman, Assistant Professor
WGS 4800
Lisa Speidel, Assistant Professor

Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

School of Engineering and Applied Science

McIntire School of Commerce

COMM 3845

Global Developmental Studies

Public Health

PHS/GDS 2559