College of Arts and Sciences

ANTH 1010
Sheena Singh, Graduate Instructor

ANTH 2590-1 - This Course Has Been Cancelled

ANTH 2590-2 This Course Has Been Cancelled.

ARTS 2580
WIlliam Bennett, Associate Professor

ARTS 2610
Akemi Ohira Rollando, Associate Professor

ARTS 2620
Amy Chan, Instructor

ENSP 1600
Margaret Gardiner, Instructor

ENSP 3559 This Course Has Been Cancelled.

PSYC 4559
James Morris, Instructor

SLAV 2360
Stanley Stepanic, Professor

SOC 2498
Joseph Davis, Instructor

SOC 2500 (combined section with PLAN 4510)
Josh Yates, Instructor

SPAN 2010
Jessica Daves, Graduate Instructor

WGS 4800
Lisa Speidel, Instructor