Remote Instruction

All undergraduate January Term 2021 courses will take place remotely. There will be no in-person classes. This virtual offering is intended to help students stay on track academically and safely without incurring additional tuition costs. Tuition paid by UVA undergraduate students enrolled full-time in the fall 2020 semester includes one J-Term 2021 class. Tuition charges for full-time UVA undergraduate students will be waived.

January Term 2021

Dates: January 4 - 15, 2021
Classes do not meet on Saturday & Sunday.

J-Term Enrollment Included in 2020-2021 Tuition
Visit the Registrar's FAQs for details.

Enrollment Dates

Enrollment opens during the week of November 9. UVA students will be assigned an appointment time in SIS. Visiting students may enroll beginning on November 13.  The last day to enroll online is January 3.  Students do NOT need advisor holds removed prior to January Term enrollment.

Grading Options

The fall 2020 grading policy of CR/GC/NC will be extended for J-Term 2021. This policy applies to all undergraduate students; in addition, graduate programs that offered the CR/GC/NC option in the fall will do so again in J-term, using the same criteria. Professional schools will announce their decisions for J-term soon. 

"J-Term is awesome, you get to really concentrate on one class...its a nice transition to the Spring semester."

- J-term Student