Impact Investing in Action: Appalachia

Course Code
LPPP 3500
Stephanie Randolph

This immersive class and fellowship give students the opportunity to learn about the growing field of impact investing first-hand, to be on the ground to experience the challenges and opportunities of investing in rural communities and puts students in the driver’s seat to make investment recommendations to a multi-million-dollar impact investment fund and positively impact thousands of lives. The program is situated in one of the most promising areas in Virginia for significant economic evolution: Appalachia and the Southwest. Taught by a team of Impact Investors that were part of the birth of the impact investing movement, the faculty and guest speakers bring decades of experience in achieving financial, social and environmental returns simultaneously. The January term course is followed by a semester-long optional course where students dive deep in due diligence on Appalachian ventures and present recommendations to $56 million dollar blended finance fund. Finally, an optional fellowship is available for students that want to spend a summer in an internship building the Appalachian entrepreneurial ecosystem.