Sense of Place

Course Code
STS 2500
Hannah Rogers

The intersection of environmental issues, experiences with the natural world, and creative writing is a fruitful space for thinking about the environment, our effects on it, and its effects on us which produce our sense of place. This class will utilize STS readings and self-guided experiences to introduce students to the environmental issues by reflecting on different perspectives and senses of place.

Students will use the experiences of the class and their own personal histories with the environment to create written works and art-science projects ranging from traditional creative nonfiction essays on the impression a landscape leaves on the viewer to contemporary environmental poetry. The course will introduce a variety of writers and artists, past and present, who have worked on environmental topics and consider the careful observations writers have made about the natural world. Our class will consider what different genres of environmental writing can tell us about the environment and the way society perceives and values the natural world.