RM Psychobiology Laboratory

Course Code
PSYC 3210
Erin Clabough
Associate Professor

Modern behavioral neuroscience is a vibrant, multidisciplinary field that makes uses of a wide range of methods for measuring, analyzing, and predicting how brains work to process information and generate complex behaviors. The overall goal of this course is to understand basic ways that psychologists can study the brain in a laboratory setting. To gain a deeper insight into psychological foundations, we will survey concepts, literature, and methods from several subfields of neuroscience.  This hands-on, writing intensive course develops skills necessary for the study of neural bases of behavior, such as brain dissection, histology, mapping of neural pathways, behavioral analysis, and genetic analyses. We will step into the shoes of different types of biopsychologists in each of our modules. The goal is to teach you to think like a scientist, so be prepared for hands-on activities, discussion, and learning by doing.