Race, Protest, and the Media (SIGNATURE COURSE)

Course Code
MDST 3559
Camilla Fojas and
Shilpa Dave

What images of protest are imprinted on our collective memory by the media? How does media frame and influence how protests centered on racial justice become touchstone generational events? Our class will frame contemporary movements around BLM, Undocumented and Unafraid, protests against the Muslim ban, and the success of groundbreaking texts such as Black Panther through the lens of key media moments of historical protest. We will study the rise of the Power Movements and Ethnic Studies in the 1960s, the Immigration Rights movement that rose in response to anti-Asian and Anti-Latinx violence along with analysis of the Rodney King beating and subsequent L.A. Riots of the 1990s. We will analyze the mediations of key historical moments along with their engagement by mainstream and independent media.