Pandemics Beyond the Headlines: COVID-19 (SIGNATURE COURSE)

Course Code
ENGR 2595
Roseanne Ford and
David Leblang

Pandemics are complex scientific and social phenomena, yet our conversation on these topics tend to be soundbites. This course brings together best practices from social and biological sciences to engage students in a deeper understanding of the causes, consequences of, and response to COVID-19 as the exemplar pandemic of our time. Suggested topics include the microbiology of novel viruses, theory, practice, and ethics of vaccine and drug production and distribution, local and global policy response, the effects of pandemics on global aid, trade, and mobility, and effective messaging to combat disinformation and to support safe practices. We will use an interactive pandemic simulation from the Center for Simulation and Gaming at the Batten School, lectures from experts in diverse topics from across fields, small discussion groups, and student-led collaborative presentations.