Introduction to Studio Art

Course Code
ARTS 2000
Amy Chan
Assistant Professor

An introductory course that gives students an overview of the concepts, materials and practice of studio art.  ARTS 2000 is the prerequisite to all upper level Studio Art courses.

Drawing will cover the basics of observational drawing and how visual thinking connects with the hand.  Emphasis will be on learning new materials, hand to eye awareness and construction of the 2-dimensional image.  

Conceptual Practices will introduce the student to concepts intrinsic to contemporary studio practices. It will approach these issues in two ways; 1) creating assignments that challenge the student’s ideas of art, esthetics and visual cultural preconceptions and 2) creating assignments that are concept driven with the student choosing whichever material or method best expresses his/her idea. The goal of this segment is to exercise the student’s critical thinking skills and expand the student’s ability to engage in discourse around visual and creative concerns.  

Digital Skills is an overview of the digital processes and tools referenced across all media of contemporary visual art.   This workshop aims to give students the basic technical skills, including still and moving image and sound, to facilitate the use of digital tools in whatever concentration or practice they pursue.