An Introduction to Cognition and Cognitive Biases (SIGNATURE COURSE)

Course Code
PSYC 2559
Hudson Golino
Mariana Teles Santos Golino

During the COVID-19 pandemic you might have experienced the phenomenon of the random and imperceptible thoughts that quickly popped up in your mind, sometimes leaving a trail of emotional and behavioral consequences. How the mind works is a question that have been contemplated for centuries but only in the past 60 years has been scientifically studied by cognitive psychologists. Knowing how our mental process are structured and how they function is a key to achieve higher levels of awareness and control over our mind and behavior. However, as we can see during the pandemic, we don’t operate rationally in the world all the time. There are a number of situations where we are actually behaving without the use or supervision of conscious logical processes. Throughout this course, we’ll be learning about the structure and functioning of mental processes, as well as when and why we have difficulty making decisions and thinking under uncertainty. The goal is to use our knowledge of cognitive psychology and decision making under uncertainty to learn about how humans think, and when we fail to think clearly. We believe that knowing how mental processes and cognitive biases work can help us understand our current global situation.