Environment, Health, and Development in Africa

Course Code
GSGS 2211
James LaFleur

This is a lecture- and discussion-rich course that explores the changing relationships between people in Africa, their environments (ecological, epidemiological, political, economic, cultural, and more), and their global neighbors from 1900 CE to present. Issues addressed include imperialism, wildlife conservation, petroleum in Africa, HIV/AIDS, the “Green Revolution” and GMOs, growing Chinese roles in the continent's future, gender violence, and the recent (and perhaps resurgent) Ebola crisis. Emphasis will also be placed on critical appraisal of the role of historic and emerging media in understanding (and sometimes misunderstanding) these problems and in engaging Africans’ own aspirations. Experience studying Africa and/or any of the course themes is welcomed but not at all required. The seminar’s focus is on Africa, but the issues are global and comparative, and therefore course learning is applicable to other places.