Designing Your Life After COVID-19

Course Code
ELA 1559
Everette Fortner
Associate Vice President, Career & Professional Development

ELA classes count toward the 18 allowable non-College credits for the degree. Check your SIS AR form to be sure you have not exceeded the credit cap.

Calling all students feeling stuck during these times of social distancing and economic uncertainty. Join us to connect and collaborate with classmates as you explore life and career possibilities. This highly interactive course is an opportunity to reflect on what matters most to you in life, connect with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, and collaborate with others to design a life of flourishing. You will leave with tangible next steps to move forward.

In this session you will explore the following three questions:
1. What is important to me in life?
2. If anything were possible, what would I want to do with my life/career/time here at UVA?
3.How might I test out my preferred possible lives?

Learning Outcomes
• Clarify what matters most to you in life including areas of work, play, love, and health
-What gives you purpose and meaning?
-What does a flourishing life look like for you?
• Explore possible life journeys
• Prototype ways to test possibilities
• Connect and collaborate with fellow students and supporters
You will  also develop the skills necessary to launch an internship or full-time jobs including networking and personal branding.

Course will include interactive, online sessions with employers in many desirable destinations for UVA students.