The Design of Protest

Course Code
PLAN 3500
Matthew B Slaats
Graduate Instructor
Clara Ma
Graduate Instructor

While recognizing a long history, the global wave of protest in 2019 reveals an emergent intersection of design and protest in Asia and the United States. This interdisciplinary course incorporates primary and secondary literature to explore the deployment of design as a means of resistance and identity construction. Using contemporary social movements in Hong Kong and throughout the US as the primary case studies, individual sessions will investigate and compare protest strategies, use of space, and visual culture. How has art and urban space been mobilized and transformed in these protests? What are their possibilities and limitations in defining notions of community and making social change? A concurrent program of lectures, panel discussions, and interviews with activists will broaden the inquiry of these movements into a global context. Ultimately, student research findings will serve to create an online exhibit, and set the foundations of an archive for future research.