The Cultural Landscape of Virginia

Course Code
ARH 3500
Andrew Johnston
Associate Professor and Director of Historic Preservation

A cultural landscape tells the story of interactions between a biophysical landscape—its geography, systems and species--and cultural groups.  In this seminar we’ll focus on the history and development of the Virginia cultural landscape in the regional south, as well as its connections throughout North America and the Atlantic World. Organized as a thematic timeline, this course is punctuated by inquiries on the meanings, interpretations and uses of landscape, and how landscape is used in scholarship as well as design.  The goal of this multi-disciplinary class is to  share varied experiences in cultural landscape research, interpretation, preservation, planning and design, affording students a rich transdisciplinary perspective on the cultural landscape histories, theories and practices. Open to all, this seminar is ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in understanding the history and development of Virginia as told in the land and built environments of the Commonwealth.