Community Organizing, Public Health, South Africa

Course Code
GSGS 4559
David Edmunds
Associate Professor
The Movement for Change and Social Justice has emerged from decades of activism on the part of Mandla Majola and his colleagues with the internationally renowned Treatment Action Campaign, a campaign that addressed the HIV/AIDS pandemic from within South Africa.  We propose to integrate UVA students with experienced and new activists at MCSJ to learn how to address emerging challenges for township residents related to public health, broadly defined.  The learning plan focuses on exposing students and new activists to the historical and social context for social action in the townships, introducing them to key case studies of social activism related to public health, and training them – in the classroom and through direct experience as possible – in many of the skills required for effective work at organizations such as MCSJ.  We expect to propose a similar course for summers that is based in South Africa once conditions permit