Arts Activism, Liberated Spaces and Creative Economies at The Black Power Station

Course Code
GSGS 4559
Noel Lobley
Assistant Professor
In collaboration with a team of artists, community activists, faculty and other educators in Makhanda, South Africa, this course will draw on existing interdisciplinary approaches and skills from Global Studies, and Music and Performance to introduce students to the synergies among African humanism, arts, economics and community power. The course builds on proven and trusted relationships nurtured between the spaces in Makhanda and UVA for more than a decade. Co-instructors in Makhanda represent an expansive team co-ordinated through TBPS's arts-activist-edcuation space. Students will learn about black consciousness, histories of black resistance, and African humanism from a leading South African scholar. They will then learn from the TBPS's, arts-based activists about how to design, build and sustain arts programming and creative economies that embody African humanism and promote black liberation. Please note that this course also counts as an elective and a seminar in the Music Major.