Writing the Experience of Place **((this course takes place at the ABCRC on the Eastern Shore; see description for details)

Course Code: 
ENCW 2530
John Casteen, IV

**This course requires that students pay a class fee of $500 in addition to the regular tuition and fees.


This course will offer students a guided series of readings that address place, and will invite them to focus on the relationship of different environments to the imagination and act of writing.  In poems and essays - and, if they choose, still or moving digital images - students will explore a series of different environments, including wilderness as an ideal, rural areas, suburbs, cities, industry, and virtual or interior environments.  This course will take place at the Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center on Virginia's Eastern Shore, and will include extensive field work in a variety of environments. Students will be responsible for completing assigned background readings in advance, and will compose and peer-critique their own writing during the January term.  The reading list for the course includes essays and poems by Jorie Graham, Wendell Berry, Tom Bissell, Gary Snyder, James Wright, Richard Hugo, John McPhee, William Wordsworth, Joni Mitchell, Annie Dillard, and Louise Gluck.