Maintaining a Sustainable Sea **(this course includes a $700 program fee)

Course Code: 
EVSC 4559
Stephen Macko

This course requires students to pay a $700 class fee in addition to the regular tuition and fees.

The ocean is the major source of nutrition for billions of people, while employing millions of workers, and generating trillions of dollars for the world economy.  Clearly, the ocean is central to human well-being.  This class will offer students exposure to the utilization of the oceans' resources through a mixture of in-class work and field experiences. The course addresses not only fundamentals of marine science, but also legalities and ethics on aspects of culturing and capturing marine animals, with an emphasis on aquaculture and sustainability for wild  fisheries. Various trips to locations where the ocean is being maricultured and/or marketed will allow students to explore both the extant ocean and complement class and laboratory experiences at UVa.

Locations for field trips likely will include the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Washington, Virginia Beach and Baltimore seafood markets, Virginia aquaculture facilities and the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach. An added fee will include cost for transportation, occasional overnight accommodations, entrance fees and some course specific meals.