New Media in NYC **(this course takes place online and in New York City; see course description for details)

Course Code: 
MDST 3809
Siva Vaidhyanathan

**please note that this course takes place partially in New York City. It also includes a $800 program fee (not including travel costs) in addition to tuition.

Students must apply to enroll in this course.  Enrollment is open to Media Studies majors only.  Priority will be given to Fourth Years and Distinguished Majors.


Why does any media professional want to live in New York City when digital media allows for low-cost production and distribution from any place on earth to reach a global audience? Why do so many media firms pay so much in rent, taxes, and labor costs to put up shop in Manhattan? Marketing, creative, and communication leaders must consider how e-Readers, smartphones,  live streaming, and social networks diversify media consumption patterns.  Decisions about how (or if) businesses should modify their organizational structures and habits will determine those that prosper and those that perish. This J-Term course is designed to prepare the future media industry employees for the dramatic changes ahead.


The first few days will be entirely digital, held virtually so students may participate in class discussion from anywhere in the world. The second week will transpire in New York City. Combining scholarly literature with exploratory site visits to television studios, book publishers, newspapers, radio stations, and music executives provides a pragmatic approach to learning.  Students will walk away with a better understanding of how established media conglomerates avoid falling behind in the city that never sleeps.