Journalism in NYC **(this course takes place online and in New York City; see course description for details)

Course Code: 
MDST 4559
Siva Vaidhyanathan
Allison Wright

**please note that this course takes place partially in New York City. It also includes a $800 program fee (not including travel costs) in addition to tuition.

Students must apply to enroll in this course.  Priority for admission will be given to Media Studies majors in their fourth year, with special priority to distinguished majors program (DMP) students in Media Studies. All students must apply through a form that will be available in late September and linked to site. The application will require a sample of journalism that the student has produced, as well as a short essay, a record of GPA, and a name of a faculty reference. Please do not write to the professors to ask how to proceed. All the necessary information will be available here in late September.

Please apply to enroll in this course here. Application deadline is October 15th. 

How are working journalists coping with the commercial, political, and technological pressures on their industries and careers? Why is New York City still the center of journalism in the world? This course will introduce students to working life of journalists in New York City. It will involve multiple visits with publishers, producers, editors, and reporters working for magazines, television networks, newspapers, and Web sites. Assignments include intensive reading and writing for a class blog site. The culminating project will be a 2,000-word profile of one person who is or has been involved in professional journalism.

The first few days of the course will be entirely digital, held virtually so students may participate in class discussion from anywhere in the world. It will require daily intensive reading and writing. The second week will transpire in New York City. Combining scholarly literature with exploratory site visits to television studios, book publishers, newspapers, radio stations, and music executives provides a pragmatic approach to learning.  Students will gain a better understanding of how journalism thrives in New York City.