Introduction to Archaeology

Course Code: 
ANTH 2800
Susan Palazzo

Archaeology plays an important role within the discipline of anthropology in that it provides us with the tools to interpret societies from the past.  Using a humanistic approach combined with scientific analysis, archaeology can use material culture to answer questions about daily life, religion, economy, foodways, social relations, etc.

This course is intended to introduce students to archaeological concepts in an interactive manner.  Students will learn the history of theory within anthropological archaeology and will engage with archaeological methods through hands-on activities.  Archaeology has the unique ability to give voices to those left out of textual records, reveal long-term trends, and explain cultural change.  Archaeologists also have a great responsibility within the communities where they excavate, and students will learn about issues of public engagement and ethics.  Ultimately, you should come away with a thorough understanding of how archaeologists formulate questions about the past and the methods we use to answer them