Hawai'i: Ecological & Contemplative Landscapes - This Course Has Been Cancelled

Course Code: 
RELG 3559

**please note that this course takes place entirely in Hawai'i and students will be responsible for paying, beyond tuition, $3,600 in program fees (not including airfare.)


Cross-listed with EVSC 3559

Additional instructor: Leslie Hubbard, Contemplative Sciences Center, lh2tm@virginia.edu

This course integrates unique and highly experiential blends of learning activities integrating environmental science, religious studies, and contemplative sciences. It is based at Kohala Institute (www.kohalainstitute.org) on the Big Island in Hawai’i, a remarkable property proceeding from the ocean to mountains, which constitutes a traditional Hawai’i land unit on environment, economic, social and political grounds. The class brings together classical scientific approaches to human/land/sea relations, and integrates these approaches into traditional humanistic perspectives on humans, their cultures, and their environments. The class blends historical, philosophical, and natural science views of the world and explores this blending in the context of traditional and modern Hawai’ian culture and ecology. The class will also explore cognitive, affective, and somatic practices of self understanding and development, and integrate these into the broader themes of the profound interdependence of culture and environment.