Technology and Race in the U.S.

Course Code: 
STS 2500-3
Patricia Click

This course will focus on the history of African-American science and technology with the intended goal of simultaneously exploring the history of race.  Students will study the social and cultural context of African Americans'  contributions to science and technology , as well as the impact of these contributions on American society and culture.  In addition, students will study the impact, in general, of science and technology on race.  The approach will be both historical and topical.  The class will explore the ways that socially constructed ideas of race influenced the development and applications of science and technology and vice versa.  Likewise, the course will help students explore the various ways that African Americans used invention and technology in creative ways to counter the socially constructed ideas of race that were often expressed in technological artifacts.  Course materials will include primary documents and scholarly essays, as well as some primary audio or video materials.  Course assignments will include a copious amount of readings, a daily journal, three short papers, and participation as a member of a research team.  The culminating experience for the course will be team research projects (substantial team-written research papers and team presentations) on topics related to technology, race, and diversity in the twenty-first century.