Design and Innovation in Medicine

Course Code: 
BME 3030
Timothy Allen

The “Design and Innovation in Medicine” J-Term course will provide a needs-immersive experience for students seeking to learn more about the client/needs identification in the clinic. The course will include discussions led by the instructors, clinicians, and external experts in the field, with a focus on understanding health economic and business models, new paradigms in medical device innovation, new models of medical care, problem identification, market analysis and segmentation, current treatment landscape, and needs-finding. Students are expected to record at least eight hours in the clinic and/or interaction with a patient as a requirement of their course work. The remainder of the contact time will entail interactive workshops, guest lectures, brainstorming sessions, and discussions about students’ clinical rotations, problems, and observed unmet needs. The outcomes of the course will be a final paper with the product proposal that will include the clinical need identified and rationale for the new product. Furthermore, students will make a final presentation to their clinical sponsor, a panel of medical device industry experts, faculty, and investors.