College of Arts and Sciences

ANTH 2557
Culture Through Film
ANTH 2800
Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH xxxx
Anthropology of the Mediterranean
BIOL 3xxx
Evolution and Medicine
CLAS 3600
Medieval Manuscripts at UVA
DRAM 1020
Speaking in Public
ENLT 2555
Selfies Old and New: The Self-Portrait in Visual Art & Poetry
ENSP 1600
Public Speaking
EVSC 2070
Earth Systems Technology & Management
EVSC xxxx
GSGS 2211
Environment, Health, and Development in Africa
GSGS 3365
Conscious Social Change
HIST 4501
Migration in Modern South Asia: History, Literature, Film, Ephemera
Swati Chawla, Instructor
HIST 4591
"Why Did They Kill?" Interpreting Genocide and its Perpetrators
ITAL 2030
Italian Means Business
MATH 2700
Euclidean and Noneuclidean Geometry
MESA 2700
Recent Revolutions in the Islamic World
PLCP 3240
Post-Soviet Political Challenges: Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, Separatism and Irredentism
PSYC 4559
Criminal Minds: The Science of Forensic Psychology
PSYC 5559
Genetic and Epigenetic Research in Behavior
RELG 3559
Ecological & Contemplative Landscapes: Exploration & Discovery
SLAV 2250
The Dark Side of the Twentieth Century: Between Auschwitz and the Gulag
SOC 2498
Prozac Culture
SOC xxxx
The Demography of Difference
Teresa Sullivan, University of Virginia President and Professor of Sociology
WGS 3230
Gender and the Olympic Games
WGS 4800
Gender-Based Violence

Batten School of Leadersip and Public Policy

PPOL 5225
Conscious Social Change

School of Engineering and Applied Science

BME 3030
Design and Innovation in Medicine
Timothy Allen, Instructor
STS 2140
Earth Systems Technology & Management
STS 2500-001
Ethics, Gender, and the New Reproductive Technologies
STS 2500-002
Technology and Race in the U.S.
STS 2500-003
American Health Care: Challenges & Opportunities
Bob Powers, Professor
SYS/STS 3502
A Systems Approach to International Development