College of Arts and Sciences

#BlackLivesMatter in Media and Popular Culture
LaTasha Levy, Instructor
AMST 2559
The Archaeology of Slavery
ANTH 2590
Body & Soul: Greco-Arabic Paradigms of Health & Personhood
Dionisios Kavadias, Instructor
ANTH 2655
The Coming Economic Boom in Africa
Nathan Hedges, Instructor
ANTH 2800
Introduction to Archaeology
Susan Palazzo, Instructor
Culture and Film
ARTH 3559
Modernity, Photography & Memory
Claire Raymond, Instructor
ARTS 2580
Special Topics in Sculpture
William Bennett, Associate Professor
ARTS 2610 (1)
Introduction to Drawing I
Akemi Rollando, Associate Professor
ARTS 2610(2)
Introduction to Drawing I
Amy Chan, Lecturer
ARTS 2620
Methodologies and Materials in Drawing II
Dean Dass, Professor
DRAM 1020
Public Performance
David Dalton, dnd8b@virginia.edu
DRAM 3320
Fine Art of Dress I: Conformity & Individuality
Gweneth West, Instructor
ENLT 2555
Selfies Old and New: The Self-Portrait in Visual Art and Poetry
Lisa Spaar, lrs9e@virginia.edu
ENSP 1600
Public Speaking
Margaret Gardiner, Instructor
ENSP 3860
Game of Thrones
Lisa Wollfork, Instructor
ENWR 3559
Contemporary Flash Fiction: Theory and Practice
Elizabeth Denton, Instructor
EVSC 2070
Earth Systems Technology and Mangement
Michael Gorman, Instructor
EVSC 2500/STS 2500
Organic Machines, Engineered Environments, and Hybrid Natures
Matthew Eisler, Instructor
EVSC 4559
A Future for Fisheries
Stephen Macko, Instructor
EVSC 4559 (2)
Marine Conservation: Science as a Way of Knowing
G. Carleton Ray, Instructor
GDS 2559
Critical Public Health
Christopher Colvin, Instructor
GDS 3559
Research Practicum: Protecting the Waters of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate
GSGS 3365
Conscious Social Change
HIEA 3141
Political and Social Thought in Modern China
Bradly Reed, Professor
HIST 4591
Why Did They Kill? Understanding Perpetrators of Genocide
Jeffrey Rossman, Instructor
LASE 3559
Academic Skills and Realities
Karlin Luedtke, Instructor
MATH 2700
Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry
David Sherman, Instructor
MDST 3306
Sexuality, Gender, Class, & Race in the Teen Film
Andrea Press, Instructor
MDST 3559
The Politics of Video Games
Bruce Williams, Instructor
MDST 3809
New Media in NYC
Siva Vaidhyanathan, Instructor
PHS 2559
Critical Public Health
Christopher Colvin, Instructor
PLAP 3160
The Politics of Food
Paul Freedman, Instructor
PLAP 3420
Virginia Government & Politics
Ken Stroupe, Instructor
PLCP 3240
Post-Soviet Political Challenges: Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, Separatism, & Irredentism
Yuri Urbanovich, Instructor
PLIR 3500
Counterfactuals and Conflict
John Setear, Instructor
Bible and Film
RELG 2559
Religious Pluralism in the Human Imagination
RELH 3559
Yoga & Religious Experience
John Nemec, Instructor
SLAV 2250
The Dark Side of the Twentieth Century: Between Auschwitz & the Gulag
Dariusz Tolczyk, Instructor
SLAV 2360
Stanley Stepanic, Instructor
SOC 2500
The Thriving City: Urbanization, Culture and Social Life
SOC 2500
Sociology Through Cinema
Jeffrey Olick, Instructor
SOC 3498
Prozac Culture
Joseph Davis, Instructor
SPAN 2010
Intermediate Spanish
Melissa Frost, Instructor
WGS 3306
Sexuality, Gender, Class, & Race in the Teen Film
Andrea Press, Instructor
WGS 4800
Gender-Based Violence
Lisa Speidel, Instructor
WGS 4800
Examining Gender-Based Violence
Lisa Speidel, Instructor
Gender and the Olympic Games
Bonnie Hagerman, Instructor

McIntire School of Commerce

COMM 3845
International Business
William Wilkerson, Instructor

School of Engineering and Applied Science

BME 4550
Medical Product Design & Innovation
Timothy Allen, Instructor
David Chen, Coulter Project Director
STS 2140
Earth Systems Technology & Management
Michael Gorman, Instructor
STS 2160
Intellectual Property, Engineering, and Society
STS 2500 (1)
Global Entrepreneurship
Kent Wayland, Instructor
STS 2500 (2)
Technology and Race in the U.S.
Patricia Click, Instructor
STS 2500 (3)
The Urban Environment: Technology, Policy & History
Leif Fredrickson, Instructor
STS 2500 (4)
A Sense of Place: Science Writing & Perceptions of Coastal Ecosystems
Hannah Rogers, Instructor
STS 2500 (6)
American Health Care: Challenges and Opportunities
Robert D Powers, Professor